Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wtf chkdsk

My XP HDD is chkdsk-ing and Im like WTF OMG BBQ. Blog fail.


md said...

uh oh. You know, ever since the md PC crash of '09, I've started keeping double back-ups of everything. Extra HDDs are a piece of mind.

His Noodly Appendage said...

Sorry to hear that, I guess thats why you were researching Solid State hard drives. Be careful with those, it seems the memory cells on them can only be written/erased a certain number of times leading to degraded performance over time. Windows 7 is supposed to spread the usage over the entire disk to reduce this impact.

Chronic said...

I have my data backed up, but still reinstalling everything is a nightmare. Once I get Windows fully installed, Im going to ghost the drive so I have XP ready to go if my main drive dies. Waiting for Newegg to deliver parts so I can update my blog sucks.

Chronic said...

Newegg Fail! Somehow my order didnt get processed last Thhursday. Sigh. Here hoping the blog will be back ASAP. Really sucks as there is a TON of stuff I want to talk about.

Lets start with this: Project Natal can bite me.

This and other Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy, to return soon.