Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Raiden IV Coming to 360

"No, not that Raiden. Raiden IV, the top down scrolling shmup released in Japan for the Xbox 360 last year year is headed to North America, courtesy of publisher UFO Interactive.

The publisher has confirmed to 1UP (and does a new ESRB rating) that the most recent entry in the long-running Raiden shooter series will grace these shores in August. With Raiden Fighters Aces just recently released by publisher Valcon for the Xbox 360, this will be a very Raiden year.

If you're new to the Raiden series, make sure to pick up the budget priced compilation prior to Raiden IV's domestic release, so you can be up to speed on the series deep story, which tells the tale of thousands of things being shot by jets and explosions happening."

-Michael McWhertor of


Chronic said...

Fuck Kotaku, they banned me like 5 times from commenting, their reviews suck, and they post a lot of BS and useless stuff that would be better off as another brainfart on twitter.

Raidens cool tho, looking forward to that. I picked up The Wii Ultimate Shooting Collection, been having a lot of fun with that lately, its Radirgy, Karous and Chaos Field all packaged together for like $20.

md said...

Yeah I've been banned too and 80% of their news is BARELY even videogame related. They have more posts about videogame cakes than of videogames.