Sunday, May 10, 2009

Raiden Fighters Aces Trailer

Was Japan only, US release imminent. Awesome.


md galaxy said...




*pant* *pant*

md galaxy said...

I was sold with the music, even if it would've been Barby Horse-riding Adventure being shown in the background. Honestly though, this is a HUGE 360 release for me. I'm all over this.

md galaxy said...

And another thing, when do ye get all of the awesome Japanese shooters for 360? Castle Shikagami? Raiden IV? I'd buy those up in a heartbeat if I didn't have to buy a Japanese 360 to play them. Ok, that was my last post. Promise.

Chronic said...

Not every one comes to the US. It seems random as far as I can tell. AT least Raiden has some history in US arcades and on the playstation 2. I dont think many Xbox owners are familiar with the series, but for $19.99 who cares if you know the series or not? Its a steal if you like SHMUPS.